OCHS Kathmandu

Kathmandu Office

Research Office and Apartment
Located at the Himalayan Cafe building, 1st floor (private office)
Basantapur Durbar Square
Old Kathmandu

Our Kathmandu office is located directly at Kathmandu Durbar Square next to the old Nepal Sanskrit University and facing the Royal Palace. The office spaces are available for researchers and students related to the Śākta Traditions research programme.

Manager and research assistant:
Gitte Poulsen (gitte@ochs.org.uk)

Landlord and fieldwork assistant:
Monish Mulepati

OCHS Instructors and Tutors

Guy St Amant

Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen

Gitte Poulsen

Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) tutors

Kashinath Nyaupane

Premraj Nyaupane

Students and Interns

Jonas Midtgaard Hedelund (Aarhus University)

Iana Lukina (Aarhus University, Saint Petersburg University)

Aamir Kaderbhai (University of Oxford)

Jesper Moeslund (Aarhus University)

Elizabeth Rosendahl (Aarhus University)

Lena Molin (Aarhus University)

Esben Sundorf (Aarhus University)